Smilyn Hybrid MIND Accelerator Cart Review – A Productive High

Smilyn hybrid MIND accelerator carts provide a productive high for a focused day. The taste could use some improvements.

22 hours ago

TRE House Delta-9 Cookies Review – Perfect Score!

TRE House Delta-9 Cookies are great. They are super potent, they taste great and they are really affordable.

1 month ago

EVN CBD Gummies: Classic Gummy Bears with Twist

EVN gummies are a great go-to if you need to kick the edge off of a long day. They taste…

2 months ago

Dragon Hemp Gummies Review: Tastes Great and Completes the Task

Dragon Hemp has very potent, tasty, and effective. The only downside is that they are a bit pricey.

3 months ago

Valentine’s Cannabis Gifts 2023

Well, the year 2023 has so far proved to be about as crazy as a year can start. Which is…

3 months ago

The Trusted Lab D9 / D8 / CBD Gummies | Solid Quality

I could swear that we would have gotten around to reviewing a product from The Trusted Lab before. I have…

3 months ago

Verma Farms Gummies | Gourmet Quality

We're back with yet another gummy candy review. Somehow when they first said "legalizing pot," I never envisioned that it…

3 months ago

Woven Earth Relief CBD Arnica Cream Review – Very Effective

I like the product and ingredients and there was a generous amount of it. My only criticism is I feel…

3 months ago

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Topicals Review – Fix Ailments the Natural Way

CBD topicals are still weirdly a mystery to me. The idea of getting the effects of CBD through your pores…

4 months ago

Direct Delta 8 Review – Great Selection

All and all my review of Direct Delta 8 comes back to the selection. There is no need to shop…

4 months ago

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is becoming increasingly popular for its potential therapeutic benefits. One…

4 months ago

Getting Unhigh: How to Alleviate the Symptoms

Getting unhigh from cannabis can be a frustrating experience, but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms.

4 months ago

Kiara Naturals Her Kit Review – Soothe Cramps and Ease Your Period

Even if you don’t have a period having a well-rounded Her Kit of high-potency CBD is great for anyone who…

4 months ago

CBD Luxe Vape Pens Review – Gets You Through the Day

CBD Luxe Vape Pens are efficient, have a decent taste, and have solid hardware. A bundle of these vapes at…

4 months ago

oHHo Sleep Kit & CBD Edible Dots Review – Nap of Luxury

The presentation for the sleep kit definitely looks good, but for a $107 sleep kit and/or $30 Apple Rose CBD…

4 months ago

High Falls Hemp Body Care Duo Review – Nice Results

I am thankful to have this Skin Care Duo from High Falls Hemp. It is part of my daily skincare…

4 months ago

The Hemp Division – From the Roots Up Collection Review – High-quality Teas

As a health elixir, the teas are effective, and I love the decorative containers. This collection is a hit in…

4 months ago

SISTERS OF THE VALLEY Salve & Seed Bundle Review – Very Good but Expensive

SISTERS OF THE VALLEY Salve & Seed Bundle is an interesting and high-quality product but it will make a hole…

4 months ago