This Thing Rips ReMIX Review : Better Taste, But Nothing Special

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This Thing Rips ReMIX – Better Than The Roil, But Not Great


This Thing Rips - ReMIX
This Thing Rips – ReMIX Vape Pen

Design & Quality of ReMIX

The This Thing Rips ReMIX is the newest edition to This Thing Rips’ “normal” vape pen line, and the best of them all, so far.

This Thing Rips vape pens pretty much have the same style: a 650mAh battery, an atomizer, see-through colored plastic chamber and a “pen cover” to mask your vape pen. Each model is defined by what atomizer is included, and is represented by a different color:

This Thing Rips - Vape Pens - Roil - R Series 2 - ReMIX - OG Four 2.0
This Thing Rips Vape Pens; Roil, R Series 2, ReMIX, OG Four 2.0
  • Roil – Blue – Ceramic donut.
  • R2 Series – Green – Coils with ceramic rods and ceramic cup.
  • ReMIX – Red – Ceramic plate.
  • OG Four 2.0 – Orange – Coils with quartz rods and “lava” quartz cup.

This means that the ReMIX includes 2 ceramic plate atomizers and has a bright red plastic chamber.

What’s Included with the ReMIX?

  • 1 x Set It & Forget It Smart Battery
  • 1 x Discreet Pen Cap
  • 2 x Ceramic Thermal Cup Atomizers
  • 1 x XL Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Cleaning Wipes
  • 1 x XXL Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar
  • 1 x Hypercharge USB Cable
  • 2 x Silicone Heat Rings
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Tool
  • 1 x Instructions For Use
This Thing Rips - ReMIX
The ReMIX includes a pen cap, silicone jar, and ceramic atomizers.

Ceramic Plate Atomizer

We have to make a point of explaining this atomizer – they call it a “Ceramic Thermal Cup.” I have to point out that the way they word things uses a lot of hyperbole. This term makes you think that the cup itself gets hot, but it’s just the ceramic plate at the bottom that heats up. This atomizer uses the exact same cup as the other atomizers, so there’s no improvement or change in the cup.

The ceramic plate does not completely cover the bottom and should really be much lower. Wax melts and slides down under it due to the high placement. Some will be lost and wasted.


Along with the atomizers, it includes a 650mAh battery and has 3 settings. Like the This Thing Rips R2 Series, the ReMIX charges through a regular micro USB cable.

The 3 settings are: Blue – Low, Orange – Medium, and Red – High. Don’t be surprised when the colors don’t follow in the regular order though (Low -> Medium -> High), because they go backwards (High/Red -> Medium/Orange -> Low/Blue).

Our other gripes with the ReMIX are just the same ones as all the This Thing Rips normal pens. In order to load it up, you have to unscrew the red plastic chamber multiple times – every time. The other is a complaint that all coil-less vape pens have to deal with – they get super hot on the outside.

Ease of Use

The This Thing Rips ReMIX works exactly like most vape pens: fill coil with material, select temperature, press button, inhale. The annoying part is the threading on the plastic. You have to unscrew a very long thread every time you need to reload.

The USB charging attachment on the bottom is quite useful though.

This Thing Rips ReMIX
The bottom of the ReMIX connects to a Hypercharge USB Cable

Strength: Tricky To Get Right

This Thing Rips ReMIX is a low temp vape pen. So, to get a strong hit you need to put A LOT of wax in there. If you just put a little, it will melt down to the sides, and you’ll get weak, wispy hits.


This Thing Rips ReMIX
This Thing Rips ReMIX comes with ceramic plate atomizers – some wax gets lost underneath

The This Thing Rips ReMIX is an improvement over the Roil, because instead of having a donut, you get a full ceramic plate.

The problem with this, is the plate is too high above the ceramic cup. This means that when you turn the heat up, your wax melts and runs from the heat and down to the cup. If you try to take a small dab, you might wonder where it disappeared to!

Versatility / Atomizer Options

The This Thing Rips ReMIX works with the other 3 This Thing Rips “normal” pens, R2 Series, OG Four 2.0 and the Roil. You can get the ceramic donut Roil or either of the coiled vape pens, R2 Series or OG Four 2.0. However we recommend avoiding the coiled ones. Also avoid anything with lava quartz.

This Thing Rips is one of the few companies to offer you all the options.

This model also works with the larger Rig editions, R2 and OG Four 2.0, though they look very weird with a thin battery.

Portability: OK

ReMIX comes with a 'pen cap' to mask your vape pen on the go!
ReMIX comes with a ‘pen cap’ to mask your vape pen on the go!

The ReMIX is the same as the rest of the This Thing Rips standard line. It is the standard 12mm wide, but it’s actually taller than the  OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition and the Roil. The ReMIX and the R2 Series use a taller battery by a about .3 inches because of the micro USB charging ability.

The This Thing Rips ReMIX won’t fit in your shirt pen pocket with the pen cap on. It’s still a perfect fit for your pocket or handbag.

Discretion: Bright Red Is Not That Discreet

The pen cap makes the pen discreet when stored away. With the cap on, the pen is oddly long and clearly has a button and lights up.

When in use, the bright red visual chamber fills up with smoke and is extremely obvious. Just like the orange chamber of the OG Four 2.0, the blue chamber of the Roil, and the green chamber of the R Series 2. These see-through bright colors, are definitely not discreet in any way.

Taste: Good Taste, But Can Lose Wax

Taste is pretty good with the ReMIX. When you run it at lower temperatures, you can get really good terpene flavors from your dabs.

Value: Worth It Compared To Roil

The This Thing Rips reMIX will only cost you $10 more than the Roil, and goes for $87.10. (I know, 710…)

Compared to the Roil, it’s worth the extra $10 for sure.

This Thing Rips ReMIX
At $87.10 the This Thing Rips ReMIX isn’t a bad deal

The battery and pen finish could be much better, but it’s the best atomizer value out of all their models.

Like the Roil though, the ReMIX vaporizer kit is a worse deal than just getting the replacements by themselves and a battery. Forget the concentrate container and save yourself $40+. The warranty for the battery sucks anyway.

The other problem is the Warranty is only 90-days – even for the battery, which is a quarter of the standard 1-year warranty. These batteries tend to die, so keep it safe after the 3 months are up! Be careful of their warranty registration too, for some reason they request your credit card information and then make you sign so they can charge your card without needing your input any more…

Why would CC details be needed for a warranty? We don’t know why they would charge you, maybe they don’t – but this is the first and ONLY company who asks to store your CC info and a CC authorization. It’s always better not to leave CC info with companies.


This Thing Rips ReMIX replacements are a fair price, charging $43.99 for an attachment with 2 ceramic plate atomizers. Compared to competing models, $17 for each atomizer isn’t bad.

We hope you like to walk to your smoke shop or trust other retailers online, because you also can’t purchase any of these products directly from This Thing Rips.

Conclusion on This Thing Rips ReMIX

The ReMIX is better tasting than most of the This Thing Rips vape pens thanks to the ceramic plate. It suffers on efficiency as wax can be lost underneath the plate. This vape pen is not discreet with a bright red plastic chamber or glowing hash tag.

The 90-day warranty makes the battery not worth the cost. We recommend getting the attachment and an unbranded variable voltage battery. Overall, this is a big improvement of the other offerings from This Thing Rips, but still not a vape pen I would buy.



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