This is a review of CBD Essence Hemp products. Specifically, CBD Oil Complex Liposome Formula, CBD Oil Complex Sublingual Formula, and a collection of edible products. By far the best CBD products I have ever tried. I give them a 10 out of 10 in every category.

cbd essence medicinal grade tincture nutri hemp
CBD Cannabidiol Hemp Oil Tincture Mouth Drops

CBD Essence is a hemp company out of St Petersburg, Florida dedicated to creating the highest quality CBD products on the market. Upon landing on their website I was thrilled to see the 100% Organic label. I want to support corporations that are mindful of their carbon footprint and I demand quality products if I am going to consume them. CBD Essence cares about both. The President has a personal story that supports this passion for quality for those seeking health and wholeness.

cbd essence medicinal grade capsule tincture edible nutri hemp
CBD Essence gives you CBD Oil benefits thru their wide variety of products.

Appearance on the edibles was great

The soft Earth tones make the packaging appealing but it was the edibles that caught my eye. Wow, they were beautiful and appealing.

cbd essence medicinal grade edible hemp taffy
Hemp Taffy by CBD Essence

Taste was top notch, best I have tried

Above all these are the best CBD products I have tasted. I would go so far as to say OMG! The oil especially has a delightful mint pop to it. In the past my attitude towards CBD oils was to get it down. This oil was delicious. As a result, it made much easier to stay on schedule consuming it. It was a pleasure. The capsules are capsules. But the edibles – they really had a lovely flavor. No grassy taste, no weird texture. Purely delicious. They too had a pleasant mint aftertaste. Only challenge – I could eat these all day!

CBD Essence products proved to be very effective

Attractive and tasty are nice but that is not why I consume CBD products. I am a natural health professional and I work with my own health challenges. When this package arrived I had been living on stress and coffee and my psoriasis was raging. Generally, I can turn that around with hydration, rest and whole foods. I wasn’t doing that so it was all on the CBD. I also have pain in my right wrist. As a harpist by trade, that is big.

Within hours of consuming the first round of products (2 capsules, 2 edibles and 2 droppers full of oil) my psoriasis changed. The crusty skin was softening and the pain was diminished. Within two days I noticed that my wrist was pain free and my fingers felt less stiff.

cbd essence medicinal grade edible hemp taffy
Hemp Taffy Information

Once I noticed how much the products were improving my skin I kept even closer attention. I noticed my vision improved and my contacts fit better. If I felt my eyes getting dry I would take some oil. I don’t know which product did what but the combination of the three produced fabulous results for me.

Value is great, especially with the coupon

CBD Essense Hemp products are attractive, delicious and profoundly improved my health. Thus, I can’t think of anything more valuable. Add the coupon code Thanks10 for an additional 10% off and it makes it an even better deal.

You can learn more information about CBD Essence on their website here. Questions or comments to this review? Post below or on our forum!


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