Why people risk black market cartridges

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    Every now and then on social media, I run across the following scenario:

    • Somebody posts pics of their new haul of vape carts
    • Somebody else counters saying they’re fake, black market, counterfeit, etc.
    • OP and several others come back saying “Who cares? Let people enjoy things!”

    I think that what’s going on here is that for years before legalization, there was nothing but a black market for street drugs in general. People got used to “brands” of blotter acid, molly pills, “strains” of meth, etc. None of that was regulated. Now that we have regulation, we end up with the same black market but upgraded so each knock-off imitates a commercial company.

    And that’s irony!

    Anybody else out there see a backlash now against calling out fakes?

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