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Utillian 722 Review – All In One Vaporizer, Great For Every Connoisseur


The Utillian 722 vaporizer gives a unique experience, one every true stoner can appreciate. Very smooth and soothing hits, yet strong enough to deliver nice effects. This vaporizer gives smoother and lighter rather than dense smoke, but still will get you unexpectedly. Furthermore, here we describe our experience on this vaporizer and determine how we value it.


  • Simple to use
  • Delivers great hits
  • For both concentrate and dry herbs
  • Smooth and comfortable design


  • Higher-end price
  • Not very discrete

Recommendations: Nothing much, maybe just change the charger to a USB-C but other than that this vaporizer is great.

Utillian 722: Simple and convenient, all in one vaporizer

Everything you need to maintain and to vaporize on the go is inside the Utillian 722.

The Utillian 722 vaporizer is a nice, unique vaporizer that provides you with everything you need for a satisfying session. Giving you the option to vaporize dry herbs or concentrate, this vaporizer is easy to use and to maintain. It’s as simple as opening up the mouthpiece, packing your choice of THC substance, turn it on, and toke.

Furthermore, to turn it on simply press the button 5 times. Once on, the battery will automatically start heating up without you doing anything. To change the temperature, simply press it 2 times. No complications at all with this vaporizer.

Everything inside the Utillian 722:

  • Utillian 722 vaporizer
  •  Stainless steel wax canister
  •  Tweezer
  •  Wax tool
  • (3) O-ring and screen sets
  •  Cleaning brush
  •  USB cable

Temperature settings

  • 356°F (180°C)
  • 374°F (190°C)
  • 392°F (200°C)
  • 410°F (210°C)

Design and Build Quality: Unique design and comfortable, not very discreet but great built quality

Right away, you’ll notice how big this device really is, almost fits the whole size of your hand. Although it’s a relatively big vaporizer, it’s still portable and quite easy to carry with you. Not the most discrete battery, definitely noticeable but still convenient. Disregarding its size, the feel is pretty comfortable from the body of the battery all the way to the mouthpiece. Overall, great design and build quality.

Using the Utillian 722 with dry herb

Providing a nice pack, the top part may get clogged up easily when using dry herbs.

When packed with flowers, this vaporizer delivers smooth and pleasurable hits. You’ll be surprised at how much taste you get from your herbs. Providing smooth hits, you can either use a low temp for a lasting and light session. Or, even at a high temp, you can still get a lasting personal session with some nice hits. Not the thickest, but still great. One thing I will say is, do not over-pack this vaporizer with dry herbs or anything in general. If you do, then you will get hard or clogged hits, it will cover up the airflow.

Unique, Boost Mood allows for better hits

What I enjoy the most about this vaporizer is its boost mode provided. Regardless of what temperature you’re at and where you’re with your session, you can always activate this boost mode. What this does is boost the temperature to a maximum vapor of 225°C, a great way to finish the session.

Using with concentrate

This unique canister to use for your wax surprisingly delivers lasting and efficient hits.

Having tried many different forms of coils, I was very curious about this stainless steel canister from the Utillian 722. After placing the canister and packaging with shatter concentrate, I was impressed with the way it hits. Being used to quartz coils and atomizers, this vaporizer gives smoother and lighter hits.

What’s great about it is that you can pack a decent amount and make the session last a lot longer than you’d think. As with dry herbs, this vaporizer allows you to get all the taste and a great high

off your concentrate. Although it’s a big pack, don’t try and overpack it for a longer session. This may get the canister stuck onto the heating chamber until you finish all the concentrate inside.

Smooth airflow, easy to disarm

When packed correctly, this vaporizer provides a nice and smooth airflow. But, as mentioned before, if you over-pack it you will have a hard time getting good hits off it. Especially with dry herbs, but otherwise, the airflow is pretty great with the Utillian 722.

As for cleaning it, it is fairly easy with the way it disarms. When using dry herbs, it does tend to get dirty easier, and I do recommend being consistent with cleaning it. But you also have 3 o-ring replacements. So to clean, you can just switch out the o-ring and clean with a cotton-swab and 99% rubbing alcohol.

Utillian 722 vaporizer burns efficiently, a nice lasting session

Surprised with how long this vaporizer lasts, the Utillian always provides a great, lasting session. Perfect for a personal session, but also possible to share with an extra head or two. Either way, this vaporizer really allows you to get the most off a small pack of your herbs and wax.

Not the thickest hits, but still strong and effective

Something that I get a lot from my experiences with vaporizers is that they don’t usually give the thickest smoke. They literally vaporize your wax or flower, giving a lighter hit and less smoke. That doesn’t mean that they don’t hit well. With vaporizers, the opposite is true, especially with the Utillian 722. Although it may seem that you get light hits, the quality of hits feels much stronger after taking a few, consistent hits. The high always creeps up on me when I use this vaporizer, regardless of what I pack it with.

Taste all the terpenes with this vaporizer

As usual with most vaporizers, you will be able to get the full taste and experience of the strain you have. This is great for those who actually enjoy the taste of flowers or for overall connoisseurs. You can’t really get the full taste of your flower with artificially flavored blunts, and you can’t always get the full taste of your concentrate with any dab pen. 

Value: A bit pricey, but worth it for the connoisseur

The price for this vaporizer goes for $150, so it is a bit of a higher-end price product. But I will say, every good vaporizer I’ve tried is usually above $100. Anything under this price range, the vaporizer usually isn’t worth it. But Utillian in general has never disappointed me. This vaporizer is well worth the experience.

I will say, this vaporizer probably isn’t for everyone. If you just want something quick and convenient, or something that hits strong, then you might want to look for other options. You have plenty of options at this price range. Not that the Utillian doesn’t hit strong, it just hits different with the way it vaporizes your wax/flower. If you are looking specifically for a vaporizer or you really enjoy the taste of terpenes in your flower/concentrate, again highly recommend this vaporizer.

Concluding the Utillian 722 vaporizer review

To sum up, this all in one vaporizer provides you with everything you need for a satisfying session. A unique experience, something you won’t get with any battery or vaporizer. It may be at a higher price, but for its quality, it is well worth it. Better to buy this vaporizer at this price, than to purchase a lesser quality one at half the price, just to get disappointed. You can learn more and purchase the Utillian 722 vaporizer here.

Readers, what’s your experience with Utillian products? Thrill us with the juicy details here or in our kushy forum.

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