We got many requests on our oil pen tests page for testing information on Off White cartridges. Turns out it’s not a legitimate company. The only dispensary we could find carrying it looks like they carry fake Stiiizy pods as well. Here we will go through what you should know about Off White carts.

off white carts
From the Off White Instagram, that doesn’t show anything being made.

Off White cartridges could have anything in them

Off White carts don’t have any company information except for their Instagram. Only one dispensary in California carries them and they do not come up as a registered brand when searched on WeedMaps.

off white cartridges
They even got sandals as you can see.

These carts could have any oil in them. The only consistency that should be expected is if its from the same supplier over and over. Most of the time Off White carts from one plug will not be the same as Off White carts from a plug in a different area.

DHgate and Alibaba both have Off White cartridges

off white carts dhgate
Even the picture says they sell these without THC oil.

Being on either of these sites does not automatically make the brand not legitimate. There are brands that are real, registered cannabis companies that are then faked and sold direct from China as real. Fake Brass Knuckles and fake Rove carts are perfect examples. Check out these pages on DHgate and Alibaba to see for yourself.

off white carts alibaba
They are selling Off White carts as just hardware.

Should you avoid Off White carts?

Our first recommendation is get legit brands from licensed dispensaries. If you do not have access to a legit shop, the next best thing is look for brands from legal states that are not yet counterfeited. Brands like Jetty Extracts, Select Elite, Justdab, Airo Pro, Kurvana and Korova are not yet faked.

If you are in an illegal state you should avoid fake brands and brands that are heavily counterfeited if real, legit carts are available. Recently fake Cookies carts have been floating around everywhere and is now one of the most popular fakes. See our post on fake cartridges for more info.

When all that is available is heavily fakes brands, then just keep in mind the oil in there could be anything.

What’s your experience with Off White cartridges? Post your comment below or in our forum!


  1. If these off whites are unregulated and they have not the information of a third party independent laboratory and so, include the results for us consumers; no info, no money for this company. Wake up big weed people, we need the lab results or no more consumption by intelligent buyers.

  2. Aqui no Brasil está chegando esses off white, com certeza não é original, ganhei um o gosto é bom, chapa muito mas arde a garganta! Prefiro meu baseado

  3. I’m pretty thoroughly convinced that the majority of these people who take to the comments to comment on how “great” the Off-White carts are will mostly be drug dealers that are located in illegal states. They “need” the business to “sustain” themselves, so they’ll do anything in order to keep selling carts to the same skeptical buyers they had before, even if that means lying or potentially hurting/killing people in the process. I know because I have one of the worst plugs in DB-IA and he shamelessly pedals both fake carts and ditch weed as “top shelf” products.

  4. Just got two in NY they don’t make me cough they’re clear not very dark. Gets me nice and I been smoking carts for years.

  5. Im coughing a lot. A shitload. Tastes good, but i cant pass the vapor to my lungs… I started coughing a lot 🤷🏾‍♀️ maybe im doing It wrong. Its my first Time usuing It,

  6. I live in West Virginia so it is an illegal state, I recently picked up an off white cart In Maryland and I have to say I’m never going to hit a dab pen again. Me and my friends have been throwing up, and have constantly been going to the bathroom. I have no clue what’s in it and I honestly am scared to know.

  7. Off White carts I got taste good and do the trick. Got them from Cali and I live in Indy. Who knows what’s in them. It’s kind of scary to think what you’re putting in your body. Long story short, even if it comes from a legal state, you still don’t know. Just stick to flower. It smells but at least you know what it is. Vaporizer pens are handy, but pricey, if the smell of bud is an issue.

  8. I jus got an Off-White cart that came from cali.I normally stick to Dank but only had this brand. Decent taste,smells weird but they all do to me,the hubby says he smells old English so I think i’ma pass on this brand for now

  9. friends – if it tastes BURNT or SOAPY it’s FAKE. throw that shiz out and punch the dealer in the face.

    that being said mu dealer who i TRUST got these “Off White” carts in and the oil seems fine. Super smooth, not liquidy, clear, not too harsh, and I’m toasted off a couple hits (and I smoke dabs)

    Really comes down to trust your sources. But honestly I just cannot wait until it’s legalized in NY…

  10. I got one off white cart & loved it but i got the worst headache after i smoked it , also tried some of those cookies carts. got 4 and one of them were good. the others were super dark brown, discolored, and didn’t even burn .

  11. Got 4 yesterday and 4 last month no problems with them I’m cool
    Vape on people. You do know that cigarettes are the #1 killer in America right.

  12. I just bought two, my guy goes and gets them from Cali, I’ve had a fake one of off white before, but these were completely different than the fake one and I’m stoned off one hit. Just make sure it’s from a real dispensary

  13. Just got one today the “Hybrid” and it has been by far the best cart I have had yet. I’m in an illegal state and got from my local plug.

  14. I just tried these I’m a long time smoker in a non legal state but med none smoking is lol I just think it’s funny lol anyways first time trying these and looked them up and found this article mine seem to have real thx oil in them as it got me good but I had to take more hits then a norm cart but came from a licensed distillery that make there own oil to sale so they went cheap on the cart to make more profit so it really depends where from

  15. I got an off white cart about a week and a half ago and it’s not getting me stoned at all. Feels like I’m not even smoking real thc oil, and it tastes burnt.

  16. I prefer amber, ive had good product from them everytime. Dank tanks contain good oils but ive had manufacturing issues with them ie. tanks that are deformed, leakers and ones that make my battery freak out. I’ve had a “lemon” hybrid and a few rips off a “cherry” sativa and they taste good but its a weird buzz and my chest gets really heavy for about 20 minutes. Not the usual sensation from vaping. I’d still give it 6-7/10

  17. I get them out here in NH but from a legal state and there fire good quality oils I stay away from carts like Bart carts or ranks and Exotics they have been so blown out with trash cut oil even those Smart Carts I’ve seen fake like they say there all fake and if your getting them from the Dispensary there made from trim and stems and taxed 1000% Love y’all peace Save the bees More green less Greed!! ✌????

  18. I think it’s a a personal preference. I enjoy the off-white brand way more than most. Dank I was not a fan off. I feel alota ppl tell that brands are fake just because they like to argue there’s is better. I have had alot of different brands and not had alot to complain about most of them. Also I’m not really into the flavors either. If I had a choosing tho I would say the eternal brand is my favorite

  19. Has anyone in arkansas tried them? My regular guy has some and im a little reluctant to try them, considering all the negative comments. Northwest arkansas specifically.

  20. Basically the brand is not real but the oil that’s in there can be real and pure depending on who made it and where it came from! So fake should be a word used loosely! Because like other brands like dank the box and packaging may be counterfeit but the oil used is done right clean and potent with no chemicals! All depends on who made the oil etc…. there’s no law or standard on who can make oils and who can’t until then all oils made the right way is real!

    • The real companies that extract and make their own oils are registered and inspected… I have a friend that travels around to different states inspect thc and cbd oil extraction labs on the regular. There’s definitely a difference between the process and equipment between legit business lab practices and a guy doing it in his shed behind his house next to his meth lab setup or what have you.

    • Yes exactly. I wish they would specify that fake only means not from a licensed dealer. Could still be the best cart out there. Its like Walter White & his illegal blue pills. Could be the best the world has seen, just sold by your local drug dealer!

      • You are not wrong Pablo – but consider this as well:

        The dealers using things like Off White and these fake brands could be using any type of hardware. Thats why in CA they now have heavy metals testing. Do these off brand carts pass? nope we don’t have any data

        So really they’d be better off for everyone using carts that pass like CCELL, SPRK, Transpring, etc

  21. The taste of mine is similar to a lifesaver candy (the green one to be more exact). I get large drags with lots of smoke when I exhale and i don’t cough nearly as much if at all like I do with other carts or just smoking flower. The high is very mellow, I notice it more when I start with the cart. But honestly because of this it has made me question is legitmaticy. It was cheaper than all the other carts and I decided to give it a try. 6/10 wouldn’t buy it again. Not the worst for sure but if it’s been tampered with than no thanks, pass.

  22. I’ve been smoking weed since 1972 at 10 years old, so it takes a good product to get me where I need to be… I get “off White Carts” quite frequently, and I have to say, I get high as F*** on them. And I don’t get high on bunk. I think it’s the industry just trying to boycott off brands. At $35.00 a pop in a non-legal state, i’m in. Don’t Believe The Hype. Or at least, we are not getting the fake carts from my connection.

    • These carts may be good if the oil used is good. We are not part of any industry group we are an independent website. Actually the industry in legal states probably does not even care about off white because its not taking away their sales. Better to not use any street carts at all as some people might get some health issues with them.

      Another problem with some of these off hardware brands is there might be heavy metals issues. The plug could just buy real CCELL or SPRK carts and it would be better than using Off White. But still the oil in these things we just don’t know without testing so best to not use them.

      • “Nothing Conclusive” lol, what about the 19 people that have died from Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Vitamin E Acetate, Pesticides, Vegetable Glycerin, etc? I’d like to hear what the very qualified Mr. Off White spokesperson or “Admin” has to say about that? Btw your name is real I can tell, as is mine “Chlon Jr.” of Canterbury

    • if youve really been smoking that long youd know the trick of the trade that these are fake as balls and cut with weird agents.

  23. Just got some off white cartridges. Great taste and buzz !! I guess
    It’s a personal preference thing but I’m totally satisfied
    Even the price was reasonable. My buddies also were happy with theirs.

  24. I live in Florida and I recently purchased some off-white cartridges and I have been very pleased with them! I believe these are probably some of the cleanest carts I’ve ever had, it doesn’t taste overly sweet like some cartridges I’ve had. They actually have a bud taste almost but still has a great flavor, they actually give me the relaxation and medical purpose I’ve looked for in different carts. The oil consistency is by far the best I’ve ever seen! Doesn’t get all bubbly like other carts I’ve had and the color is a very beautiful pale yellow. But my package look nothing like these ones.

  25. It doesn’t make you cough at all w long deep hits or at all really. the high takes a minute to kick in . not a pleasant taste at all almost tastes how gasoline smells . fake carts are so relevant where I’m at it’s damn near impossible to find a real one.

  26. I’ve vaped many a carts, and I’ve never had the heart-racing awful high my dealer somehow trickled down to me with this shit. Don’t risk these things.

  27. I got some off white cartridges from a five star vendor here in Washington, DC and I order from them frequently all I’ve gotta say is I got two cartridges and so did my roommate and we have had no side effects but being stoned. Definitely not a knock off just actual high quality distillate carts!

  28. Just got one if these the liquid inside bubbled up inside after a few hits legit think its got dawn dish soap has a soapy taste also very not pleasant


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