We got many requests on our oil pen tests page for testing information on Off White cartridges. Turns out it’s not a legitimate company. The only dispensary we could find carrying it looks like they carry fake Stiiizy pods as well. Here we will go through what you should know about Off White carts.

off white carts
From the Off White Instagram, that doesn’t show anything being made.

Off White cartridges could have anything in them

Off White carts don’t have any company information except for their Instagram. Only one dispensary in California carries them and they do not come up as a registered brand when searched on WeedMaps.

off white cartridges
They even got sandals as you can see.

These carts could have any oil in them. The only consistency that should be expected is if its from the same supplier over and over. Most of the time Off White carts from one plug will not be the same as Off White carts from a plug in a different area.

DHgate and Alibaba both have Off White cartridges

off white carts dhgate
Even the picture says they sell these without THC oil.

Being on either of these sites does not automatically make the brand not legitimate. There are brands that are real, registered cannabis companies that are then faked and sold direct from China as real. Fake Brass Knuckles and fake Rove carts are perfect examples. Check out these pages on DHgate and Alibaba to see for yourself.

off white carts alibaba
They are selling Off White carts as just hardware.

Should you avoid Off White carts?

Our first recommendation is get legit brands from licensed dispensaries. If you do not have access to a legit shop, the next best thing is look for brands from legal states that are not yet counterfeited. Brands like Jetty Extracts, Select Elite, Justdab, Airo Pro, Kurvana and Korova are not yet faked.

If you are in an illegal state you should avoid fake brands and brands that are heavily counterfeited if real, legit carts are available. Recently fake Cookies carts have been floating around everywhere and is now one of the most popular fakes. See our post on fake cartridges for more info.

When all that is available is heavily fakes brands, then just keep in mind the oil in there could be anything.

What’s your experience with Off White cartridges? Post your comment below or in our forum!


  1. Just got one if these the liquid inside bubbled up inside after a few hits legit think its got dawn dish soap has a soapy taste also very not pleasant

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