Rove vape carts are now subjected to being faked. Fake cartridges have been a problem in the cannabis industry and now Rove is no exception. The good thing about Rove is it’s also one of the easiest to tell if it is real since it is only available in two states: California and Nevada. We will explain how to spot potential fakes and how to make sure you are getting the real thing.

No sticker showing THC content: it’s a fake Rove cartridge

Rove lists the THC percentages on their packaging for their California carts. In Nevada, you always will receive information as well, either in the form of being on the packaging or in the form of a sticker, showing the complete cannabinoid profile of the cartridge.

Basically, if you don’t see a THC percentage with your cart, it’s fake. Take a look below at a legitimate California Rove brand cart.

authentic rove cartridge
CA! sticker on the bottom right.

Now take a look below at the fake cart and notice there is no sticker on it.

It’s not to say they might make fake stickers later as well, but for now, this is the easiest deterrent to determine whether a Rove Brand cartridge is real or not. In Nevada, you will have a sticker attached to the information as well. In general, if you are outside of CA or NV, it is more likely you will see an either real CA Rove cart or a fake than a Nevada version. NV prices are high and there are 10x more people in CA, so it’s less likely someone would be distributing NV versions in illegal states.

Below are some more real Rove carts that came in white boxes.

rove carts
Real Rove Brand carts may come in different color boxes.

Now take a look below at a fake Rove cartridge in its box. Notice there is no sticker at all indicated any cannabinoid content.

fake rove cartridge
One of the easy to spot fakes.

Notice there is no sticker? That’s an obvious fake.

Many fake Rove Brand carts also have CA! stickers

The sticker is not enough but is one deterrent. Many of the fakes out there now have stickers too, although they contain made-up figures on the oil since the oil is not even in the cartridge yet and no one knows what oil will be put in it. See below a picture of a fake Rove cartridge with CA! stickers.

fake rove brand carts
These are almost impossible to identify as fakes.

The only way to really know it’s really is to buy from a legit store, and how to do that is explained below.

How to find real Rove cartridges

The easiest way to find real Rove carts is to use their store locator. If the store you got it from is not in there, it might not be a legitimate store. When you get them on the street in other states, make sure to check out the sticker situation explained above. If there’s no sticker you can be sure it is fake and not legitimate.

UPDATE 8/31/19: Rove is now using QR code stickers on all their products!

It’s an in-house verification system tied in with their phone app Rove Rewards. They explain Rove Rewards on dual posts to their Reddit and Instagram channels. Briefly, it works similar to the CannVerify system we just blogged the other day. You take your Rove product and scan the sticker on the box with the Rove Rewards app. their phone app Rove Rewards.

Rove Rewards Qr Code sticker on packaging.

If the data matches, the server will send back a message that it is a genuine product.

Rove Rewards - genuine

If the same user scans the same QR code again, the server will send back a message that the QR code is genuine, but has already been validated.

Rove Rewards - copy

If a user scans a genuine QR code that has already been validated by another user the server will send back a message that the QR code has been validated by another user.

Rove Rewards - duplicate

If a user scans a QR code that is not in our system the server will send back a message that the QR code is invalid.

Rove Rewards - invalid

So there you go! Our thanks to Rove products for being proactive in protecting the safety of their customers. We’re certain that most cartridge companies are following suit, as we’ve seen here and there.

UPDATE 11/11/19 From CartBusta

We’ve got a few new sightings of latest box designs + counterfeit counterparts for Rove’s “Featured Farms” products.

OOPS: Real Rove cartridges actually do sometimes have a “TM” after the brand name on the box. You can see this in the product box shot on Rove’s own website.

real Rove carts do have a TM after the brand name

Despite that fault, the rest of the info seems to be a good supplemental guide to determining real from fake. Rove fakes are just blowing up all over the Internet now, so expect to see more variations on the theme adding to the confusion.

Fake cartridge does no always mean bunk oil

Some vendors might just be using the hardware and putting good oil in it. More likely than not, fake carts are going to be junk, but there are some oil makers out there just using the hardware. They would be better off just using CCELL carts than a fake brand, but a fake branded cart does not always mean the oil sucks too. However, on fake carts there is no quality control, so who knows if there is a safe level of pesticides and residual solvents in the carts.

See our other posts on fake cartridges

If you are concerned about fakes in your town see other posts on the following fake vape carts: Dank Vapes, Cereal Carts, Brass Knuckles, Eureka Vapor, Cookies, and Space Vape. Fake hardware is an issue to and you can also determine carts are fake if they use fake CCELL hardware. If you are looking for the best carts, check out our best carts lists for California and Nevada.


  1. My friend sold me a few rove carts, and the oil is brown… NOTHING like the color of the oil in all the pics on the site…IS IT FAKE ??????

  2. Watch out fake disposable rove carts being sold in the NJ, Philadelphia, New York area.

    They are not just carts but the whole pen all in 1. They are absolutely garbage do not buy them the hardware is garbage I had mine for 2 days before it died and there is no way to charge it.. Trust me I took the whole thing apart. Really cheap flimsy hardware.. I guess the oil was okay but wasn’t as good as the original rove carts that were around last year before covid-19 hit.

  3. I got a Tangie sativa cart from a plug I trust in Seattle Wa, but it didn’t have a sticker on the front and it didn’t have a QR code. It did have a barcode and the thc and cannabis %, just on the back… is this real or fake??

    • If its Rove and from a plug it’s 99.9% fake. If you’re in Seattle best to just hit the shop. Legal stuff is so much stronger even if it costs more per ml, the cost per high is a better value.

  4. I found one of these carts in NC. Packaging was almost flawless, except it had a black sticker to show the thc content instead of silver/white, the THC percentage was also at the wrong spot on the sticker, the percentages weren’t stacked, it had the total cann in one spot and the THC percentage in another spot. It also had a QR code so my friend entered it in on his phone and it said potentially counterfeit. My friend asserted that even if the cart was counterfeit that it probably was still real wax because the bubbles don’t move like at all and the wax is clear as hell, however I learned that the wax being clear is actually a sign of it being fake. My plug is someone I trust who I’ve grown up with and he told me he was a little worried at first but then a bunch of people he sold them to said they were straight. I bought the cart so I could use it on vacation and I don’t have enough money for another, so I guess I’m just gonna pray for my lungs. I cannot go to a dispensary of course as possession of weed for any reason is illegal here, matter of fact getting caught with one cart is a felony.

  5. My cart was given to me and while it passes all the visual test (I only have a flip phone so I can’t check w/app) but the oil taste lemony which I associate with fakes and this cart can be refilled with for me is a red flag. Do the real ones unscrew? Have a lemony flavor? Thanks!

    • Lemony taste could be real. Real ones also unscrew….. but there are soooo many fake Roves out there if it’s not from a shop it probably is fake.

  6. I have Roves that just came to my one buddy through a family member he swears they’re legit and I have my medical card and they honestly are the same quality! A g from Rove will last me about a week and a half where any other black market cart would only last me a day just as the dispensary carts last significantly longer. The QR code says they’re fake though. I told him this and he said yeah but he knows who loads them and that they’re rosin and terpine mixed does this mean that they are of good quality?

  7. 1 og cart and 1 sherbet cart I purchased from a “friend” here in Michigan! What made me wonder if they were bunk was the label stating 90% Thc. The box and everything looks legit other than the strain on CA sticker and both bunk labels are crooked. No QR code but a bar code. Would love to share pics.

  8. Mine has a QR code and it takes me to a page that says this is fake? Wtf would you sell something and then fake a QR code to warn people from buying it. Strange indeed.

  9. Well it could make sense to not have a qr code because if your not necessarily selling legit, you dont want people to be able to redeem points. Couldnt that be the case?

  10. I’ll be in DC and was looking to pick up some stuff and I see ROVE on all the sites. Can anyone verify how legit they may be. Or if anyone know some legit places to shop in DC?

  11. So basically at this point , the counterfeiters can replicate every detail except the scannable QR code on the end of the box? ( and they certainly can’t make oil anywhere near as potent and flavorful) I’m just wondering cuz there’s a huge influx of them in my area right now and they have every detail correct down to the black literary insert inside the box . The sticker looks legit and has all sorts of information like batch numbers born on dates ect: plus the price is too low. I just wanted to know if anyone else out there had any helpful hints to give me or any helpful info at all .

    • Yes it’s a countfit but it’s good. Blackmarket carts are mostly are all complete ass but a few people who fill the carts up use good distillate , live resin and terpenes but it’s very slim. I got a rove cart and it’s countfit but it’s gas and live resin and the crystals are from the live resin it’s different from distillate and more potent a lot of carts use distillate but the good carts are live resin just look up live resin. There’s ways to tell if a cart is fake just look up how and make sure you buy carts from a dispo if your buying them from the streets there most likely blackmarket carts

  12. Turn a cart upside down and if the bubble moves fast it’s fake, dark or red oil is fake. Stickers can get removed on accident. Thickness and color are the easiest way. Plus distillate starts to crystallize with THC% that is in the 90s, hence: crystalline, diamonds, diamond sauce etc.

  13. I’ve been sold Rove Remedies 1:1 & Rove Remedies 10:1 & they’re probably some of the best carts I’ve had but they were full G’s. Apparently Rove Remedies only has half G’s. Is this correct?

  14. Everything can be faked. If its really runny, then thats cut or diluted with terpenes, pg, vg, solvents and etc. I can tell you I have smoked quite a few brands and I have had many dank vapes get me high.

    I have also had a few I knew were bunk after trying rigorously and my bonehead kept cheifing away.

    Same for mario carts, Those taste like peanut oil, stay away! Some of the danks will taste like vicks vapor rub. If you keep sucking and its not getting you high off that 1st go and the liquid depletes fast, its fake.

    Ive had real ones hit me hard in 1 puff and last for a couple hours with The full cart life lasting at 8 days…And im a heavy smoker.

    The bunk ones will be depleted in 2 or 3 days and your left pissed off because you spent more time and energy to try to get high, rather than actually being high.

    … it wasnt worth the headache, throat burn and anxiety of not knowing what the hell is going into your body.

    These carts they call fake are not strictly in regards to the liquid content inside but rather/also ..the cartridges themselves. They are cheap garbage ordered off line that you can get in bulk for pennies.

    Those that are making their own and using these cheap carts are using extracting methods they may or may not have researched so testing and regulating them for cleanliness does not exist and your left guessing.

    Thats for all brands not purchased from a dispensary and not being regulated. Sorry, no way to sugar coat that.

    Fortunately, my days of smoking fake carts comes to an end as I can now walk into a a certified building and smile with delight.

    Be careful out there, stop smoking the black market goods. Id say get your goods from a trusted dispensary, best case scenario.

    Stay safe and make peace in the world.

  15. Rove support is ass. Got an invalid QR response from a FF cart from a shop that has always had legit scans and sent support pics, etc. They wont get back to me after 5 days now…about to drive an hour to the shop and try to return. People dying from counterfeit carts not trying to chance that…

  16. Real roves from my experience bubble up a lot and have both qr code and thc test ive seen some without the qr code and the wax is just off by alot

  17. Pretty sure I have fake ones… just noticed this today, different strains, but have the same UPC & batch code (also same day made & packaged which was July of this year) on the sticker. Wonder if that was before or after the codes. Kinda freaked out right now!

  18. If I give a bar code can it be tracked to know if it’s fake? Got an Ape Rove gift from a friend they didn’t buy it at a dispensary. 🙁

  19. I know the maui wawi flavor, are the fakes able to imitate the flavor as well? Also my oil is light honey, but what is the consistency we should be looking for?

  20. I got a robe cart that doesn’t have a QR code or a thc level sticker but it looks like it was torn off how else can I tell and why is it getting me high

  21. nice thanks for the heads up. got a store in my area selling fake carts trying to push them off as giveaways and discounts to attract new shoppers. “buy a half get free cart”. or “give a yelp review get free cart”

  22. Rove products have a QR code now which u can scan using the Rove Rewards app (Android/iOS) -> it will tell u if it’s Genuine or not. Plus by scanning QR code you will earn Rove Points which can be used to exchange for cool prizes.

    • How do use the app trying to make sure my apps working right when the picture of the scan bar comes up you just push start scanning and does it take a picture of it


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