What Companies Are Selling Chinese Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs?

Chinese glass bongs and dab rigs have become commonplace at every smoke shop. We do not take a stance for or against Chinese glass, but it should not be sold as American made glass. Many companies have misled consumers with Chinese glass bongs being sold as American made. Some companies just sell Chinese glass and do not deny the fact it is Chinese. Lots of glass at your local smoke shop might even be purchased direct from China.

The purpose of this post is to make it clear which is which. The American Glass Expo (often called A.G.E.) is an event that was made for just what it sounds like, glass made in America. Companies are now sneaking in Chinese glass into A.G.E., and according to some the folks at A.G.E. are not doing anything about it.

Shot out to @boromojoglass who put together a post on Instagram and the response was huge. Here we are compiling together the list he posted and additional companies that have been accused of selling Chinese Glass in the comments. We will further add our own investigation into other companies that may be doing the same.

If there are any other companies that should be added here please comment below. We will keep this list updated.

Companies Accused of Selling Chinese Glass

  1. Glass Lab 303
  2. Hitman Glass
  3. Illuminati Glass
  4. Beta Glass Labs
  5. Killa Glass
  6. Grav Labs
  7. Bio
  8. Sesh Supply
  9. Juicy Glass
  10. Honey Supply Glass
  11. Dank Gals
  12. Dabbin Alladin
  13. Diamond Glass
  14. The Glasstronauts
  15. American Revolution Glassworks
  16. Lookah
  17. Pulse
  18. Cream Glass
  19. Evo
  20. Stratus
  21. Micro/Macro
  22. Krave
  23. Torchwater
  24. New Amsterdam

Chinese glass bongs and dab rigs are not a crime, but it the consumer must know what they are getting. When people pay for made in America they should be getting made in America. Not all of these companies have tried to trick the consumer and claim their glass is American. This list is just meant to compile every brand that has Chinese glass bongs, dab rigs, etc.

If your company is listed and you do not sell Chinese glass please contact us. We will seek additional proof regarding your claim.

American Glass Bong
We are hoping this one is made in America.


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