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Best Dispensary For Las Vegas: Essence Tropicana West  


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February 14, 2019 6:50 pm  

So I have been scouring menus and going to various dispensaries around Las Vegas, and over and over Essence Trop West has proved to be the best. Discounts are good and you come across some amazing specials. I did a full post on their store here. Two recent ones were Select Elite carts buy one get one for 1c and OZ of Desert Grown Farms for $120. The 3% cashback adds up to a good return also

On top of that they have a great cartridge selection. They usually have in stock my two favorites for NV as well: Roots and Airo Pro. I think the West Trop location is better than the others because I have scanned the menus online many times and West Trop always has the most stuff. Plus you cannot get Cannabiotix at the Strip location.

A lot of people like NuWu too. I did a review on their spot as well and I would put them as a close second. The staff did not seem as knowledgeable on carts at NuWu and in general everyone just seemed happier at Essence. Never been to a dispensary so many times and never encountered anyone that was anything less than happy to be working there so you can tell they treat their employees well.

The highest priced dispensaries I have been to were NuLeaf and Pisos. Both are very expensive compared to NuWu and Essence. IE: NuLeaf ONE CBX gram was $24 and it's $18 at Essence.  A Brass Knuckles cartridge was $120 at Pisos and $85 at Essence (I got a one time discount at Pisos from a convention, and still it's more than standard price at Essence. Avoid BK by the way, so much better out there).

Anyone else have some experiences at LV dispensaries and what do you think is the best one in town?