House & Garden (Van de Zwaan) is a producer of agricultural quality nutrients. They are based out of the Netherlands, but in the US are distributed exclusively through Humboldt Wholesale. House & Garden (Van de Zwaan) products may be found in agricultural supply retail stores within the USA, in Colorado, the Midwest, and the South.

House & Garden

Telephone: (855) HnG-GROW (855-464-4769)
Facebook: houseandgardennutrients

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House & Garden (Van de Zwaan) makes gardening and hydroponic nutrients

Their products are a broad range of specialized nutrients and other greenhouse maintenance formulas for use in the hydroponic cultivation of plants such as cannabis. Several products are of specialized interest to cannabis cultivation, such as enhancing flower growth, optimizing root growth, and providing plant nutrition.

House & Garden nutriants and additives product line

House & Garden (Van de Zwaan) works in close cooperation with scientists, laboratory technicians and physicists, each of whom specializes in a branch of botany, to formulate their plant nutrient products.

House & Garden customers include Tahoe Hydro Co and Cannavative.

Featured Product: The House & Garden Soil A & B Starter Kit

We encountered the Starter Kit at the 2019 MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

House & Garden Starter Kit


The Starter Kit comes with 1-liter bottles of both Soil A and Soil B plant nutritional supplements, plus a bottle of Roots Excelurator Gold.

You may find out more about House & Garden’s product line here.

Visit their store locator for retail outlets.

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Seek additional assistance at Humboldt Wholesale

phone 1-888-499-4353 – email

Any readers have experience with House & Garden (Van de Zwaan) products?

Tell us about your growing experiences with House & Garden products here or in our forum.



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