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Advertising on DabConnection: Rates and Information

Interested in advertising on DabConnection? You are on the right page. DabConnection is a rapidly growing site and currently averages over 2,250,000 ad impressions per month. Our focus is on vape cartridges, dab pens, extracts, CBD, cannabis, and related products.

Information on Advertising on DabConnection

The majority of DabConnection’s traffic comes directly from organic search. We do not sell links, do paid reviews or sponsored posts. Our reviewers only give their honest opinion of the product. If you would like a product reviewed just email community@dabconnection.com and if it is a relevant product we’ll review it.

Ad sizes: Our site delivers both mobile and desktop ads

We offer ads in the following sizes (in pixels):

125×125, 160×300, 320×50, 300×250, 300×600, 728×90, 970×90, 970×250

Current advertising rates for DabConnection

The current rate for DabConnection advertising $8 per 1,000 verified impressions (also known as CPM) with a minimum purchase of $200. Rates are subject to change in the future, but all rates are locked in at time of payment at the current lowest rate. Use any ad sizes you prefer.

Interesting in advertising with us? Email community@dabconnection.com to get started.